Please make the Champions League easier for us

pleads ManUre & ARSEnal

Yes let’s try and knock all the competition out of the tournament and try and help the richer clubs get richer, because that’s what it’s all about not fair or exciting competition, it’s the fat pigs don’t like being shoved out of the trough by a bunch of “nobodies”.

ARSEne Whinger said it all

You can’t afford to have Real Madrid and Manchester United – big clubs who invest so much money – going out in the last 16.

Money, money, money that’s all it’s about.

Though one would think ManUre haven’t really thought it through, after all chances are Porto would have been ranked rather lowly before they put out the superior ranked team.

That’s of course if ManUre had been ranked that highly, after all they’ve only managed to advance past the first knock out phase once since the fluke victory 6 years ago.

And the fact they had to play a rich club this season was due to Fergie treating their final (seeded) group game with contempt, win that then they would have played a team thrashed 10-2 instead of Milan.

And as for ARSEnal perennial failures in the CL but somehow think they deserve to be at the top trough.

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