Sven should know about

England formation.
England 3-5-2 Christmas tree formation.

Christmas trees.

Forget 4-4-2 it’s got us nowhere, forget 4-3-3 it won us one World Cup but that was nearly 40 years ago.

Any success England have had in recent years is with the Christmas tree as Terry Venables called it, it got his side a millimetre from Euro ’96, it got the best performances from Hoddle’s team and again got us damn close to WC ’90.

3 centrebacks, 2 wingbacks, 3 centre midfielders, 1 deep lying striker & 1 striker leading the line. This would get the best players all in the team and playing in positions that suited them and where they want to play.

Especially 3 centrebacks where we have an abundance at this time and midfield where Gerrard, Lampard & Beckham all want to play central.

The chances of Sven doing this is sadly pretty non-existent as he’s set in his ways and the players don’t question him the way Bobby Robson’s did in 1990 that got them the change in system needed.

Pick your own England team & formation

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