It was a win…but that’s all

from the “midget” and the shoeless.

Yup the win over Azerbaijan amounted to nothing more than that and the talk of Beckham regaining his form was way over the mark.

He still came inside far too often. With the Azerbaijan flat back 9, Rooney, Owen, Lampard, Cole & Gerrard all in the middle of the park the last thing needed was Beckham and the talk of his crossing being great, yeah the one that got past the 1st defender but how many was there out of the large number he tried. Certainly wasn’t Star man.

Another thing that never seems to be questioned is the fact the fullbacks always come back inside on their weaker foot, in the case of A. Cole his right is only there for standing on.

Still Carlos Alberto’s rant about the “midget” Owen was funny 😆

Owen was right though

But he’d be perfectly within his rights to criticise my performance – I’ve certainly had better games.

He should have had five.

4 Replies to “It was a win…but that’s all”

  1. What no talk of Beckham’s new haircut or skirt or talentless bimbo of a wife? What kind of review is that? You obviously couldn’t work for The Sun.

  2. Ah you see this report was done for free, for the right money, if the Sun was paying, I could “report” those other things.

    Toxic – anyone’s whore for the right price 8)

    See I knew you were waiting for the next Sports post 😉

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