So Jose was right then

A Uefa report has supported Chelsea’s claims Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard spoke to referee Anders Frisk at half-time of the Champions League tie.
Uefa’s venue director Pascal Fratellia said: “The referee told us he had contact with Rijkaard from the pitch to the front of his dressing room door.

Rijkaard wished to say hello at the beginning of the tunnel and then tried to talk to him climbing the stairs. B.B.C. source

Wonder if certain reporters who said Mourihno should

apologise … particularly to Frank Rijkaard, Barcelona’s distinguished coach who was upset by a string of insulting remarks and accusations from the Portuguese during their Champions League duel. Certain reporter

Will change their attitude now, he never did answer the question of how this tag of a “distinguished” fits with spitting at Voeller in 1990 World Cup.

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