I backed a horse at 10 to 1

Hedgehunter, winner of the 2005 Grand National.

it came in at 25 past 4…boom boom.

Thankfully the horse was Hedgehunter and it came in first at this years Grand National.

Tony McCoy on Clan Royal

This doubles the number of times I’ve actually managed to pick the National winner Freddie Starr’s Miinnehoma, in 1994, being the only other.

Still looks like I’m going to have to stop backing A.P. McCoy (also backed Clan Royal this year) before I do to him what it looks like I did to Peter Scudamore.

He was cruising on Clan Royal before the loose horse took him out and I was thinking my 2 choices were going to ease to a nice 1-2 for my reverse forecast. 🙁

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  1. I’ve won the National 4 times – not personally of course. Best ever win was Royal Athlete. Now, sports hound, can you remember the odds on that little beauty? No cheating.

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