Bring on the Boro

it’s a real 6 pointer and will a win would go a along way to providing that 7th spot and European football next year for Spurs. Especially if they play as they did against Villa in the 5-1 thrashing, though maybe we can’t rely on Boro defending in such a way. With an average age of 24 and the majority of the players from the British Isles Arnesen & Jol are going about things in the right way.

Andy Reid

All round a pretty good few days with Defoe signing a new deal and Robinson’s injury not being too bad.

Congratulations have to go to Chelsea for winning the league, I know I shouldn’t like them winning it but it is preferable to ARSEnal or ManUre. As for their bleating about buying the title they would have a point if ManUre hadn’t spent a fortune on a number of players (numerous record buys – defender, teenager etc) & ARSEnal had more than one homegrown player in their ranks.:roll:

If Liverpool win the Champions league but finish outside the top 4 in the league should they be allowed to enter the CL next year at the expense of Everton. Well Chelsea will probably make it a moot argument on Tuesday.

Anyway the way they’re playing in the league no matter how many points Everton drop it doesn’t look like ‘Pool will finish 4th and the spuds at UEFA wouldn’t want 5 English clubs in the Champions league so what to do.

Well the easy answer is Liverpool should be allowed to defend the trophy along with 3 teams from the top 4 of the Premiership, Chelsea as champions of course, ManUre because they have won it (in the dim and distant past) & Everton because of the outstanding performance they have put in to finish so high, they were certainly one of mine if not most peoples choices to go down.

And ARSEnal should be relegated to the UEFA cup spot for their cup final appearance because the last few years have shown us they’re not up to it. How many attempts & only one semi-final to show for it, giving them another go would just be a waste.:lol:

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