Wipe your interweb trail

with IE Privacy Keeper which has been updated. This excellent piece of freeware wipes all the data your PC stores tracking your web activities that you might not want hanging about especially those pesky “index.dat” files that it can clean up without the need for a Windows restart. It can also delete offline files & folders on your system.

IE Privacy Keeper
IE Privacy Keeper

And now to make it better it can also handle Fire Fox.

Another addition is IE Privacy Keeper TakeAlong version which is especially designed for cases when you cannot or don’t wish to install IE Privacy Keeper using the setup program. For instance, when you are renting a computer in a cyber cafe or when you have restricted rights on your computer at work.

The TakeAlong version is a standalone executable that does not require installation or the presence of any auxiliary files. It will not write anything to the registry on the machine where it is executed. You can take it along on a diskette, CD or a USB Drive.

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