No more “Bring on” posts

after what’s happened follwing previous ones.

First off Bring on the Sox resulted in the worst start for the Yanks in 39 years (tied for second worst start in their history with 1966, ’12 and ’25) and almost their worst ever start ever (another loss would have tied with 1913) 😯

Maybe the two shutouts against the A’s will signal a return to winning ways, but as the A’s have the worst hitting record in the league maybe not 🙁

Then Bring on the ‘Boro brings a 1 – 0 defeat and a struggle for the last UEFA cup spot.

Can I really hope Man City will win 1 – 0 against ‘Boro and Spurs thrash Blackburn:?:

Congrats to Everton on their Champions League spot next year, it’s well deserved. Have to admit they were one of my choices to be relegated this year with last seasons performances and the loss of Rooney but Moyes has done a great job and should be manager of the year.

Will also be good to see how the European teams and refs will handle Bolton next year 😀

Also congrats to Wigan, they said no one could emulate Wimbledon these days and come through the divisions from non league to premiership but the Latics have done it. Yup they’ve got a bit of cash behind them but it’s no guarantee (see all me Yankees posts :()

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