Damn TV companies

The Beiderbecke Collection
The Beiderbecke Collection

why is it the persist in carrying on with practices that the viewers hate, especially that useless lot known as ITV.

They actually decide to show something half decent*, don’t tell anyone and hide it away on ITV3 and then make sure they don’t start it at the advertised time, yup you’ve set the video to run 10 minutes after the scheduled end but that would be far too easy for the viewer so they come up with the bright spark idea of starting it well before it says in any paper/magazine/online listing.

So now you’ve got to add an extra 20 mins to each program you tape or you miss some part of it 🙄

*The show in question being the excellent Beiderbecke series (The Beiderbecke Affair, The Beiderbecke Tapes & The Beiderbecke Connection) making a change from the usual ITV diet of soaps, “reality TV” & chav crap.

One thing that did amaze me was the fact they kept the original advert slots of the prog, back in the day of 2 whole breaks in an hour & a half , my god you’d think they could stuff quite a few more in there.

But of course they have to trail what’s coming next on all their channels during the program and then squash the credits up to tell you again, also funny to see how slow the credits used to role in the “good old days”. How many complaints have I read about some poignant ending to a show being spoilt by some twittering fool telling us some z-list “celeb” is coming next on “I’m a no-mark get me out of here but not until I’ve got a new tv/recording contract”.

Small mercies that a “next week on the Beiderbecke Tapes” trailer wasn’t shown, yup it’s just what you want cliff hanger ending has been set up for you to wait in anticipation for next week when they go and show you exactly what happens in the next episode as the credits are speeding by 😯

While I’m at it the scheduling of baseball on C5 is crap as well, innings missed because some pre-recorded triathlon has to be shown before a live game added to the Yanks v BoSox ACLS game cut off unfinished at 6am after I’d stayed up all night to watch 😡

And I shouldn’t start about Stalag 17 not being included on Channel 4 100 greatest war films.

Think I should be signed up for the next series of “Grumpy Old Men” after that 😀

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