Didn’t anyone want to win

this weekend ?

ARSenal turned up to the F.A. Cup final and choose not to even bother to try and score, ManUre decide that they’d like to but can’t for some reason. And so we have the first team to win the cup by a penalty shoot out. Of course John Motson was in seventh heaven about this fact.

Then there was the Subway Series in front of 165,625, a Shea Stadium record for a three-game series including the largest regular-season crowd at Shea since 1965 – 55,953, the Yanks & the Mets tried to hand each other the series, with error after error handing the other the advantage.

Thankfully the Yanks prevailed 2-1 (5-2, 1-7 & 5-3) ,despite the Big Unit having another stinker in pinstripes (the 7-1 loss), with Bernie coming through in the clutch again.

Well naming my fantasy baseball team “Oh no not Bernie Williams” has done better for him than me – currently 583 out of 2754

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