Yes, their name is on the trophy

as asked in a previous post.

Steven Gerrard & Rafa Benitez with European Cup

What a game, what a night and what an achievement for Liverpool winning their 5th European Cup after being 1-0 after only 51 seconds and 3-0 down at half time.

Certainly a game of two halves, first all Milan with Kaka ripping ‘Pool’s midfield and defence apart and the front pair of Crespo & Shevchenko running them ragged. This was the Liverpool of the Premiership not Europe – full-backs Traore and Finnan inept, Gerrard big game MIA act and Harry Kewel’s usual things not going well think I’ll get out of this with an “injury” that seemed to be better when getting his winners medal 🙄

Milan’s 3rd goal was sublime, sublime ball through Liverpool’s midfield & defence by Kaka then an exquisite chip over Dudek’s left shoulder by Crespo.

Half time whistle went and it was a done deal, Milan were champions, Liverpool dead and buried weren’t going to come back from this they way they were playing. But…

Second half Liverpool played the team they should have started with and the manner that got them to the final in the first place, high tempo get into them. When the 2nd goal went in from Smicer (of all people) Milan were gone, completely deflated and then penalty, Dida saved but Alosno gets the rebound 3-3 it really was looking like Liverpool’s night after all.

Though Liverpool fell off after that, with Gerrard going to right back they defended superbly, blocks on the line by Traore & a 2 saves by Dudek at the death pointed to things all going their way.

So Carragher told Dudek to copy Bruce Grobbelaar’s antics which won the ’84 final in the penalty shoot-out which he did and the clown with a list of errors as long as Dida’s arms pulled it off.

Cracking game, good result for English football, which should have 5 teams in next years CL if UEFA weren’t a bunch of morons.

Though as mentioned elsewhere the easy answer is give them ARSEnal’s place, yes it’s fun watching them being humiliated every year in Europe but it’s a waste and for the sake of English football the place would be better used by a team that can do something with it.

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