What a brutal weekend

Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter - New York Yankees - gets a hit again, May 29th, 2005

for the Yanks.

Just saying they lost 2 games to 1 doesn’t quite cut it. The win (6-3) wasn’t exactly the most convincing, what’s up with the “Big Unit” getting used to life in pinstripes, early season rustiness or showing his age ?

Then there was the losses 17-1 on Saturday, giving up 27 hits in the process. What a job of getting underperforming Sox into a bit of form.

Leading to Sunday’s 7-2 loss and BoSox batter’s with poor stats against Mussina batting him out after 3 innings and ex Yank “Boomer” Wells shutting down (after the 1st inning 2 homers) guys that usually have his number. Oh what fun to stay up to 4:30am to witness it all going down. And I don’t like seeing John Olerud in a Sox uniform.

After a great run getting into second place in the AL East the Sox on a losing run and league leading Baltimore going 0 for 3 over the weekend this was a great chance…blown.

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