That bloody Crazy Frog and how

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to get rid of it.

The hated Crazy Frog ringtone TV ad has been screened a record 2,000 times a DAY. 😯

Britain went hopping mad after 45,298 airings in three weeks at a rate of 82 times per hour. 😯

And people have been quick to complain but to the wrong organisation as this page at the Advertising Standards Agency shows.

IMPORTANT – JAMSTER: We are aware of viewer concern about the current frequency of Jamster advertising and the terrestrial channels have been informed. If you wish to complain about the frequency of Jamster ringtone advertisements, please do not complain to the ASA. You should contact the broadcaster direct. The frequency of any particular advertisement is not part of the ASA%u2019s remit. Contact details for broadcasters can be found in Radio Times, or on the Ofcom web site: The ITV Duty Office can be contacted on: 0870 600 6766. For Cable or Satellite channels, contact the channel. The ASA can only consider complaints about the content of television advertisements, not the frequency of any particular advertisement. ASA

So now you know where to send those complaints. 😉

Best score on Shoot The Frog so far is only 71 🙁

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  1. wahhh. they advertise too much. it’s a good things we live in a country where the goverment can control how often a company advertises.

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