Bloody Chelsea

yeah it was fun when they were pissing the likes of ARSEnal, UEFA & Anders Frisk off but when they start to try and undermine things at Spurs it’s a different matter.

Martin Jol and Frank Arnesen

Things just seemed to be heading in the right direction, finally, at the Lane with Martin Jol as coach and Frank Arnesen as director of football but now Chelsea have made and illegal approach to Arnesen and want him to run their setup, which he has made clear he wants to do.

So now he’s suspended and we’ll have to wait till Spurs make up their mind what they want to do to see how this pans out.

Chelsea punished with a loss of at least 12 league points as any money fine is nothing to them. Frank Arnesen not allowed to join them till his contract expires, see how he likes spending a couple of years out ofthe game for his lack of loyalty, £30 million spent on 24 players since his arrival, would be a good start.

Good to see Jol is not letting this phase him.

But I want to reassure fans there is a lot to anticipate and we already have our plans in place for the season.

I don’t think there’s any doubt he wants to take over Arnesen’s duties and become the club manager, but the chairman has set his heart on the continental type of setup. So who knows…

Added to this of course was the fact we didn’t get the UEFA cup place through the Fair Play League

Of course things could have been oh so different but for the one goal that gave Rangers the Scottish title in 2003, but for that Spurs could have had Martin O’Neill as the boss.

One wonders how that would have worked out, great manager who gets the best out of sides, as the success with Celtic shows, but has a habit of playing dull players (Neil Lennon) and sticking with old guys at the expense of youth.

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  1. Looks like I was wrong about Jol wanting the job then, he’s quite happy with the two man system.

    A deal for Scott Parker and Mikael Forssell is on the cards but do Spurs need another striker and midfielder, though saying that both would be good additions to the squad.

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