And then they have to go and spoil it all

by losing to the D-Rays.

After a 6-0, two sweeps home stand against the Pirates and Cubs (who still have never won at Yankee stadium) the Yanks go and lose another game to the worst record in the AL Tampa Bay Devil Rays, four losses on the trot now to the D-Rays.

But Dusty Baker still thinks

The Yankees are the best team we’ve seen all season…I don’t know why they’re a couple games over .500.”

Well with this seasons Yanks putting in their best “Chico’s Bail Bonds” impressions and the number of ex-Yankee players doing well in the majors ESPN have created a fantasy matchup between the ’05 Yankees and Ex-Yankees.

Well surprisingly they have the current side winning the series 3-0 according to What If Sports

You can also vote on which ex-Yanks you’d like to have back in the team.

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