The average person doesn’t know

how much their CD collection is worth.

The average person owns CDs and records worth £1,500, with one in 10 people owning more than 500 albums, according to a Barclays Insurance survey.

Men have larger music collections than women with 178 albums each, compared to 135.

The group estimates that Britons collectively have six billion CDs worth £60 billion. However three quarters of the 1,000 people questioned said they would be unable to remember everything in their music collection if it was stolen, and did not usually have their music insured for its true value, people under-estimate the value of their collections, claiming they are worth an average of only £635. They also fail to document them properly for insurance purposes.

Adrian Grace, the managing director of Barclays Insurance, said:

If people had a motor bike worth £1,500 they wouldn’t dream of having it not properly documented for their insurance. Adrian Grace

Hmmmm I did start to catalogue my CDs got part way through, 311 discs & 3589 tracks according to CD Assistant, before I stopped bothering, maybe it’s a job I should finish 😀

I certainly haven’t added my last two purchases Calexico Hot Rail & The Black Light. Both excellent albums well recommended and on heavy rotation since being bought.

And to think the average person only buys 3 a year

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