All or nothing

Tampa Bay 11 New York Yankees 20
Tampa Bay 11 New York Yankees 20 - 21st, June 2005

that’s what the Yanks have been.

And last night they pretty much mirrored the season so far in one game.

The Big Unit came out looking to carry on the form of his last 2 starts and started off like this was how it was gonna happen but by the end of the 3rd inning he was gone and the D-Rays were 10-2 to the good.

Bottom of the eighth 11-7 down yet another home defeat to the worst team in the AL was on the cards but the Yanks decided to give the “all” treatment – 12 hits, one walk, 4 home runs and 13 runs later they were winning 20-11 and that’s how it eneded.

After the stick I’ve given Bernie Williams the last couple of years the pic is of his three run triple in the eighth, he had good reason to enjoy this one.

Lou Piniella then elected to intentionally walk Giambi to load the bases in the hope of getting a double play grounder out of Bernie Williams. Torre responded by pinch-running for Giambi with Russ Johnson. Bernie Williams responded by taking it personally.

With the crowd chanting Bernie’s name, Travis Harper’s first pitch was a chest-high floater right over the plate that Bernie served into the deepest part of center for a two-RBI triple that pushed the Yankees ahead 13-11. In an unusual display of defiance, Bernie didn’t bust it out of the box right away, but flipped his bat to show up Piniella. Clearly upset, Bernie continued to scowl while being congratulated by Luis Sojo at third base. He continued to scowl when scoring on Jorge Posada’s subsequent home run, which pushed the Yankee lead to 15-11, and continued to scowl in the dugout. Baseball Toaster : Bronx Banter

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