After the all there has to be

Still Your Daddy
Still Your Daddy

the nothing.

After Tuesday’s 13 run in one inning all the Yanks reverted back to the nothing with 2 more losses to the D-Rays and then another against the Pedro led Mets.

Yup the worst team in the league Devil Rays win their first series in New York for 5 years taking their record on the road to 8-29 half of those wins coming at Yankee stadium.

And had the Yanks not scored those 13 runs in the eighth inning of the 2nd game, 2 more than they scored in the other games combined, then they would have been swept 4-0. And they still can’t win when scoring 3 or less.

And so to last night and Pedro showed who the daddy is, giving up only 2 runs on 6 hits in 8 innings 🙁

Should Beltran have been hitting that homer in pinstripes ?

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