2 runs…too close 😮

England team-mates engulf Harmison as he gets the last wicket with three runs to spare

What a test match, one of the best ever – 1176 runs scored, England scoring at over 5 runs per over in their 1st innings, huge sixes and 40 wickets falling all in 3 and a third days, but far too close for comfort at the end there.

Kasprowicz and Lee putting on 59 for that last wicket was too nerve wracking, thank god Harmison got Clarke out with the last ball last night, what a cracker that slow ball was, or the Aussies would have won it the way they played today. What an irony it would have been for McGrath’s injury being the best thing to happen to Australia would they have got so close with him batting and not Kasprowicz ?

Most of our guys thought the game had goneMichael Vaughan

I have a feeling most the country thought the same, when it got down to where one hit could win it I wasn’t that confident even with Freddie playing the way he had all game.

It was a no brainer Man Of The Match award, 7 wickets, 141 runs including 9 sixes – funny hearing some Aussie whingers *cough*Chappell*cough* going on about the short boundaries, I don’t know many grounds with the rope in the crowd or behind the pavilion 🙄 – with one arm Super “Freddie” Flintoff was outstanding. I didn’t think when he first broke onto the scene he’d turn into the great bowler he has, thankfully wrong on that one.

The last time England came from behind to level an Ashes series was a certain Botham-inspired 1981 series. All square off to Old Trafford, hopefully this hasn’t been the usual Toxic Web Kiss Of Death.

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