Jimi Hendrix army record

further to the reports of Jimi Hendrix pretending to be gay to get out of the U.S. Army The Smoking Gun has his army record.

Army brass delivered withering assessments of the 19-year-old soldier. Hendrix, Captain Gilbert Batchman reported, slept on the job, had little regard for regulations, and was once “apprehended masturbating” in the latrine. Sergeant Louis Hoekstra noted that Hendrix was a “habitual offender” when it came to missing midnight bed checks and that the Seattle teenager was unable to “carry on an intelligent conversation.” Hoekstra added that Hendrix, who was once suspected of “taking dope,” played a musical instrument while off-duty, “or so he says. This is one of his faults, because his mind apparently cannot function while performing duties and thinking about his guitar.” The Smoking Gun

I Don’t Want to be a Clown Any More Jimi Hendrix

Most Hendrix fans know that’s the direction Jimi wanted to go in before his death, find out what he had to say in a Rolling Stone article from Nov ’69

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