The Boss has something to say

and it is…

I have nothing to say fellas. George Steinbrenner

Just not like George at all, he wasn’t so uncommunicative earlier in the week when he questioned Joe Torre’s use of the bullpen in Tuesday’s game, keeping Embree in to pitch to the White Sox Konerko who hit the winning home run.

I’m not pleased with the manager, I don’t know about why they left the lefthander in. He had a good inning and they left him in there. He never should have pitched to Konerko. He’s their best hitter. George Steinbrenner

But maybe now George is keeping his powder dry for the end of the season to reply to Torre who is planning to have his say then.

When I manage teams, I manage them to try to win, as opposed to worrying about what people are going to say about it. …I would rather make reference to anything Mr. Steinbrenner says after the season. This time of year, we’re at a point where the last thing you want is for something to take away from what we’re trying to do. …Keep a list of all the things you want to ask me, and at the end of the year, I’ll come up with answers. Joe Torre

Torre signed a 2 year extension for about $12 million before the season, which the Boss brought up after being asked about the Yanks getting a new pitcher before last night’s tight victory over the Texas Rangers

How many pitchers can I keep getting? I’m paying my manager $6 million a year to handle it. He’ll handle it. George Steinbrenner

Torre’s use of the bullpen has certainly come in for much critisism of late, with Buddy Groom of course claiming he didn’t get a chance cause he wasn’t one of “Joe’s boys” who are considered to be Tanyon Sturtze, Tom Gordon and Mariano Rivera.

Well you can understand Mo being one, especially with his outstanding season so far to go with all his previous ones, but as showed in last year’s post season Torre’s overworking of Gordon isn’t the best way to manage the ‘pen.

Who knows how long Joe Torre has in pinstripes if this team fails to even reach the playoffs.

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