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Premiership Table August 2005
Premiership Table August 2005

down now Spurs are top of the Premiership.

Yes it look good Spurs being at the top of the Premiership table after another 2-0 victory, but certainly not getting…well too carried away.

It’s a good start, strikers sharp and scoring (Defoe) and working hard (Mido), a young and inexperienced defence not conceding and a goalkeeper looking every part the England #1.

OK so the first game was against a team many regard as relegation fodder and on Saturday Middlebrough had their chances when Viduka came on, and Mido’s goal was a gift from Schwarzer but they were games that were there to be won and win Spurs did.

Well Edgar Davids did his bit in his first Premiership game, was there a better way to start than by dumping ex-ARSEnal Parlour on his arse inside the first 60 seconds. Yes there was some mix ups in the centre of midfield between Davids and Carrick but in their first game playing together that should be expected and with time together they should gel more. When Routledge regains fitness it’ll give the midfield more options.

Would have capped the game off if Davids had scored from his overhead kick attempt in the first half.

Edgar Davids did better than expected as he had not played for months Martin Jol

The defence is exceptionally young, well the whole squad is with the average age about 23 or around there even with 32 year old Davids, but most do look the part already and time they’ll get a better understanding of working as a defensive unit.

Robinson made some outstanding saves in the second half, had very little to do in the first, showing the onlooking Sven that he is England’s #1 keeper. Speaking of which…

David James is pleading with England boss Sven for a chance for redemption.

I just want to be able to have the chance to put it straight. I’m looking forward to having another go and making sure everything I do next time is 100 per cent spot-on. It’s a learning curve for me at 35. David James

I’d have two words for him the second of course being “off”.

It’s not like it’s the first time his gaffs have cost the national team, only difference this time it was in a “meaningless” friendly not a qualifier or championship game. There is no reason for James ever to including in a squad again Robinson is the best about and should be automatically the first choice, Green and Kirkland, if the latter stays fit, on the bench. If Sven wants experience then Nigel Martyn could be picked then if injuries happen on to Hoult.

Yup no need to ever call James again, England can’t afford to offer him the chance to try and make amends.

Anyway tough week for Spurs with Blackburn midweek then Chelski on Saturday, come through them unbeaten then who knows…

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