England, Sven and friendlies

just don’t mix.

But even by England & Sven’s usual lax approach to these games Wednesday night’s debacle against Denmark was a new low. So much so that even the usually calm and excuses ready Sven showed some displeasure at what he saw in the second half.

But then most of the worst defeat England have suffered in 25 years was of his own making. “Last nail in his coffin” is the expression being heard the most about David James international career after his performance in the second half, especially after his post match confessions –

It wasn’t a good performance…Personally I have had a look at myself and the way I prepared for the game. It wasn’t done right and I blame myself because I relaxed being the substitute goalkeeper. I didn’t have the attention and detail I normally would have. David James

Final Nail ❗ The coffin had more nails than wood even before Wednesday but again Sven picked him for the squad then put him in the team when Green stayed on the bench and Kirkland stayed at home. We know what James can do and it isn’t good enough, why not let someone else have a go. But Sven has his favourites, I mean how long did it take him to replace James as the #1 with Robinson ? Wasn’t this one of the great things about getting Sven in the job, wasn’t a previous manager of any of the players so wouldn’t have his favourites who get in no matter what ?

Then there was the other substitutes, why bring Owen on ? Defoe didn’t work with Rooney on the night but we know from past games Owen can so why not try someone new, he took Bent why not see if he worked out, who knows it could have been a blinding success and the Wales game would see the pair start upfront in Owen’s absence.

Carrick had an outstanding tour with England in the U.S. but stayed on the bench, Jenas got on though, what do we need when the defence is getting ripped apart one of the best holding midfielders England have or someone who minces about, why bother going on the U.S. trip if you’re not going to use the players that were a success 🙄

Sven has his own ideas about the center midfield and it doesn’t get beyond Lampard & Gerrard, both cracking players in their own right with outstanding seasons just gone but it’s becoming more and more obvious that it doesn’t work with them together in the center of a 4-4-2 formation.

Doubtlessly Sven’s supporters will say it was just a friendly and even though the Danes have really outplayed us in the friendlies we stuffed them when it last counted at the 2002 World Cup and that Sven may have a shocking record in these type of games – 10 wins in 25 games – England have only lost 2 out of 29 competitive games under his guidance.

But the brain dead approach to friendlies shows up again in those losses when Sven himself is lost at what to do, England won’t get anywhere with the thought processes of the current management team and god forbid that the F.A. will automatically install McClaren as Sven’s replacement as he’s just as much a part of all this along with the dull uninspired play you see from Middlesbrough.