The fat lady

has packed her bags and left and she didn’t have anything to sing about.

So the Yanks exit this season with a whimper much like last year. It never really happened during this ALDS against the Angels, too many errors, not enough hits from the middle of the order, only Mo in the ‘pen and only 1 Shawn Chacon in the starting rotation.

What happened to A-Rod ? did doing his best to get the team to the playoffs take it out of him ? did that ball from Colon in the ribs have more of an effect than we know. Whatever it was walks were looking like his only route on base 2-15 with a .133 BA and not a single RBI ain’t the way an MVP candidate should go.

That said he wasn’t the only one who carried on from last years ALCS breakdown with Sheff never really getting on fire, again was he carrying too many injuries. Then Matsui just reaching .200.

Added to all this the obvious sad decline of Bernie Williams, .211 BA and hitless in what is more than likely his 2 last games in pinstripes. Not a way a guy that’s given so much to the team should have gone out, great to hear the crowd chant his name on Sunday night.

What a performance that was on Sunday night from Chacon (6 1/3 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 1 BB, 5 K) in his first post season game at Yankee stadium, well worth staying up to the early hours of Monday to watch.

And what a buy he’s been, along with Small and Wang one of the main reasons the Yanks even got this far. It also helps having Mariano Rivera to call on and those 2 shutout innings were cracking.

Yup it doesn’t seem that long ago the Yanks were on the wrong end of a losing record with pitchers dropping down injured left right and center so maybe after all that the bad off season acquisitions (Womack anyone) we should be happy they won the AL East and got as far as they did…but that ain’t the way Yanks fans see things now is it 😉

Well it’s on to next year, who will the boss buy and who will he dump ?

2 Replies to “The fat lady”

  1. All the Yankees players are among the best in the league, deffinitly the most expensive! But the way they just get dismist when they dont win is crazy. A number of these guys are going to Cooperstown, but the way they get bad mouthed and made to seem like minor leagugers the day after they lose the big games every year is rediculous! I am gonna start calling these type of fans Stienbener fan or what have you done for me lately fan. People give them the resect they diserve for getting where they do every year or go get your ball and glove and try givin it a better shoot!!

  2. The stuff A-Rod is getting from some sections is definately well out of order. He’s the best player in the game and this series stats shouldn’t really overshadow what he did in the regular season.

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