It’s not a meaningless game


Yes both England and Poland have qualified the World Cup next year in Germany but England still have to win this one.

Because of the pathetic loss to Northern Ireland lass month England dropped out of the top 10 FIFA rankings, down to 11th, and seedings for the WC will more than likely use these rankings.

So in order to make sure to avoid the big names, Brazil, Argentina, Italy etc, in the WC draw we have to beat Poland and not be beaten in the friendly against Argentina next month.

The system for seedings looks to be the usual – record in last 3 WC finals and the FIFA rankings over the last 3 years, this has England joint seventh with France, just a single point ahead of Holland. The calculation though will not be finalised till the end of the year so the games against Poland and Argentina have real meaning.

The drop to 11th along with “Turnip” Taylor’s failure to reach the finals in the US in 94 haven’t helped but things can be put right starting tonight.

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