He’s done it again

not Jenas but Robinson this time.

Following up from last week’s flap against ManUre, his first really of the season, Paul Robinson followed it up again this week against the ARSEnal. Resulting in another draw and another 2 points dropped.

Just our luck after pretty much running the game, a game of three quarters rather than two halves, Robinsons flap at a free kick fell straight to the feet of Pires and a nice channel opened up from him to the goal into which he scored.

It does show how things have changed at the club that you go away feeling down after getting a draw against the ARSE & ManUre. It’s obvious the team are as well after Saturday.

We are disappointed, we thought after the first half this would be our day and we would win this match.

We didn’t play as well in the second half but if we had scored a second goal we could have finished them off and maybe even scored a third goal. Martin Jol

Yup Robinson’s flap wouldn’t have mattered if they had put away some of the good chances created, Defoe really doesn’t score enough, a lot of the time he does some great build up dribble from the wing but while he’s out there it’s not him on the end of the ball into the box ready to score. And Jenas should have done better at times in front of goal, all this praise must have got to him.

But things are changing for the better, them celebrating a draw and so they should after being comprehensively outplayed, though other things stay the same, Judas fouling elbow, players dropping to their knees screaming like little girls to “win” free kicks when tackled. The latter I suppose they learned from Viera the big hard man of the team that used to cry like a baby if touched, with a wail so high pitched you’d wonder if they’d dropped yet.

Will Sven have taken notice of what went on this weekend because on the showing of the Spurs, Chelsea & ManUre games it should be Ledley King & John Terry as the England centerback partnership. Judas is a liability with his fouling and injury problems and Rio has decided he doesn’t need to bother now he’s got the £100,000 plus a week deal.

As for Alex Ferguson supposed to be the best manager around, he’s turned Ferdinand from the best centerback in the world to the lazy bum of his West Ham days. But then he also thinks Fletcher is a Premiership player. Wouldn’t get in the MU team if he wasn’t Scottish, wouldn’t get in the Jock team if he wan’t in MU’s. 🙄

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