R.I.P. Link Wray

the godfather of the power chord and distortion.

Sad news at the passing of one of the guitars innovators, Link Wray, on November 5th at the age of 76. Only just announced on his official site he was burried at the Christians Church in Copenhagen Denmark on Friday 18th of November.

Where would rock, metal & punk be without the Native American (he was three quarters Shawnee Indian born in Dunn, North Carolina) slamming out those power chords and then wanting to recreate the distortion he got at live shows by stabbing holes in his amps speakers.

Placed on most top guitarists lists a real legend and pioneer, used on many a film soundtracks of late with “The Rumble”, and an influence to the likes of Pete Townshend, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, The White Stripes and many more.

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