What did they think they were voting for

when they put their X next to Galloway’s name ?

Did they really think he was there stirring things up for the constituents of Bethnal Green and Bow’s benefit.

Come on surely no one is that gullible, Galloway’s antics before and after the election have all been about self promotion and getting his phizog on the telly and in the papers.

I’m surprised when he went into the “Celebrity” Big Brother show he didn’t praise the other lot, especially Michael Barrymore for their indefatigability, hey if it’s good enough for a Saddam.

Anyway George must feel at home with the other non-entities, thankfully the rest aren’t doing it at the tax payers expense and it’ll surely mean the end of Western forces in Iraq by doing so. One has to hope there’s a pool in the BB house and George goes “swimming” with Barrymore.

Oh and a final thing what is it with slap heads growing facial hair, do they think the rest of us are idiots and some how a tuft of fuzz on the upper lip is going to fool us into thinking that glowing dome is a full head. It’s like a comb over that’s slipped.

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