Romance of the cup

my arse…

Yup Burton and Nuneaton drawing with Premiership sides (Man Utd and Middlesbrough) is the romantic side of the F.A. Cup, being 2 nil up and losing 3-2 to dullard Jock cast offs like Leicester ain’t 🙁

Two nil and cruising after goals from Jenas and Stalteri, things looked good, Leicester weren’t pushing or going for it, like say Luton the night before against Liverpool, and Lennon was causing them all sorts of problems – he really looks the part that kid.

Then at 2-1 Kelly had the chance to finish it, of all people that could be running through with just the keeper to beat he was the last I wanted to see, didn’t have any confidence of him scoring as soon as he touched the ball.

After losing to Grimsby in the League Cup earlier in season I didn’t think they’d do the same against the Foxes.

Well there’s no distractions from the league campaign now so Spurs can get the Champions League spot we all want.

But things will have to change from the performance shown last night.

Ledley King can’t come back from injury quick enough, I like Gardner he’s a good footballer but he lacks a bit of concentration that gives the opposition chances.

Thankfully Lee should be back from the horror tackle at Man City, Kelly isn’t a left back and didn’t get forward (except the miss above) all night, something Lee does with gusto and Kelly wasn’t confident enough to attempt. The fullbacks also have to attack high floating balls to the back post instead of standing watching the ball going over their head.

Luckily Mido should be back for the Liverpool game but then he’s off again for the African Nations Cup. A replacement has to be got soon, Rasiak isn’t up to the job. Just as it looked like Robbie Keane had found his ideal strike partner with Mido, he has to deal with a player lacking in confidence who was totally off the game.

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  1. Desperately depressing, wasn’t it… Curse the BBC and their stupid timing – though I can’t quite decide which was more galling, this one or the 4-0 Cup disaster at St Mary’s a few years back…
    Suddenly I’m no longer so keen for the new Wembley to ready in time for this May…
    Ah well, no excuses in the Premiership now.
    After all, everyone knows Spurs a league team, not a Cup side… Er…

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