We have the technology

but the F.A. won’t use it.

Alan Curbishley has said what probably most fans have thought for some time now – someone in authority looks at a post match video of a game and hands out cards for things like simulation.

Simple ain’t it ? Would solve a lot of the problems straight red and 3 match ban for a dive and managers would soon put a stop to it.

Only problem is who would review the video, Curbishley says the ref but it’s becoming increasingly clear that refs haven’t a damn clue about anything, after all the ref in the Robben v Reina incident had a pretty clear view of the Chelsea winger’s antics. Along with that muppet Riley who sent off Heskey when everybody saw he was trying to play the ball (it’s Heskey so he was just trying, I’m mean what chances did he have of bringing it down under his control ;)).

One of the main problems about the latest dive from Robben though is the way ‘Pool have gone off on their pious holier than thou routine forgetting their players have been guilty in the past much like the whinging after Essiens tackle that they kept going on and on about for days, if not weeks, on end.

Yeah because no Liverpool player has ever put in a bad challenge, especially not Sissoko or Gerrard 🙄

Robben did go down somewhat dramatically but Reina made it easy for him by putting his hand up and chances are he was going off if Robben went down or not. He does remind me of a little kid Robben the way he runs, celebrates scoring and throws hissy fits when called offside.

Speaking of little kids the Chelsea mascot who thumbed Gerrard in the tunnel before the game was a classic, especially the wink after BBC video

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