Not good enough


Those were Martin Jol’s words after Spurs scraped a 2-2 draw with Wigan on Sunday.

You can say we’re doing well [in fourth place] or that we’re throwing things away, but the truth is we’re not good enough yet. Martin Jol

You have to say he’s right, one win in the last six is bad enough but when in those six there’s games against Sunderland, Fulham & Villa it ain’t good enough.

No matter how good Wigan have been doing, especially away from home, if Spurs want that Champions League spot these are the games they need to win. They need to increase that gap to ARSEnal not just keep it around the 4-5 points, punish them when they slip up not constantly keep them in it.

Also some better fullbacks are going to be needed at some time, Sunderland’s equaliser last week was another shocker – god I hate it when players busy trying to play the man when it would be far easier and safer to play the ball out – they are just too damn soft. If not then a European campaign will resemble Everton’s this season.

At least Defoe has decided to start scoring again, now just need to get the midfielders to join in. I had thought I’d put the kiss of death on him by putting him back in my fantasy team.

2 Replies to “Not good enough”

  1. Passing the ball about very prettily, but just not creating nearly enough chances.
    And what’s most disorienting, our player of the season so far Carrick has been man-marked out of both the Sunderland and Wigan games, each side apparently realise if you stop Carrick you pretty much stop Spurs… Quite a rare compliment to devote such clingy attention to a holding midfielder, but still, it’s nullified a lot of our play…
    Time for Edgar to start doing what he was brought in for, lift the mental spirits and haul this side, by force of personality, back into gear and over the finishing line…
    Though, of course, we’ll probably manage to do enough to stay fourth, only for the Vermin to finish fifth, fluke the Champions League and take our place in next year’s tournament…
    Nah… any Europe’ll do, I suppose.
    But y viva Espana, anyway…

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