Just noticed

the blog’s anniversary.

After checking out Aiden’s comment in the latest “It Happened This Week” post I noticed “Hunter S. Thompson” in the deaths column for 2005. I remember posting about it at the time round the beginning of the Toxic Web Blog which could only mean this place has somehow been going for a year. Well a year and 5 days by the looks of things.

A year of rambling crap, except those many days when there’s been no posts which have been a few as this will be #290.

And a year on Sven’s still with us but not for long, the Yanks didn’t win the World Series, Hollywood is still struggling with original ideas, Spurs are still up and down like a bog lid and Hunter is still dead.

Well happy, belated, birthday Toxic Web Blog – to celebrate I’ve updated to WP 2.0.1.

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