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Jon Rauhouse is off on the road with Neko Case again this year, US & Canada dates have been posted up on his official site Tour page.

This is in support of Neko’s forthcoming, March 7th, release “Fox Confessor Brings The Flood” (on Jon’s Discography page).

You can get a free MP3 download of the track “Star Witness” from the new CD at Neko’s label site Anti-. Also available are two MP3 tracks from Neko’s “The Tigers Have Spoken” album – “Train From Kansas City” & “If You Knew”.

They will also be promoting the CD with an appearance on the “Toniught Show” with Jay Leno on March 9th.

So if you’re State side get along and check out one damn fine guitar picker and some cool real music, just have to get more dates this side of the pond now.

Also added to the site is a link to Kathleen Judge’s site Judge Works where you can view a showcase of her artwork, she’s done all the artwork for Jon’s solo CDs.

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  1. Old “Orchid Fingers” is a top picker on too many instruments.

    He more than likely played on the Neko tracks you have, he’s on the track “If You Knew” that you can get at the link above . You can get an MP3 of “Powerhouse” from his disc “Steel Guitar Rodeo” here.

    Only tour date they have lined up so far in the UK is around your neck of the woods, sometime round the back of April or early May. Well worth the ticket price, he says having never actually having had to pay to see him 😀

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