Who is getting my quota

of CDs.

Around this time last year I posted about the average punter buying only 3 CDs a year, wondering whose quota I was taking up having bought about that much per month.

But so far in 2006 I ain’t bought a single one, absolutely zip.

Of course it’s not like I haven’t got stuff to listen to, which has mainly been The Stooges – Raw Power, Mark Lanegan – Bubblegum, Calexico – The Black Light & Masters Of Reality – Sunrise On The Sufferbus of late.

You can’t beat listening to Ginge complain about

the inability of Yanks to make a good cup of teaGinger Baker

And have I just heard “Spanish Fly” on Football Focus 😕

Nah not the crushed beetles that causes irritation but the classic Eddie Van Halen acoustic solo from the album “Van Halen II”.

Well it beats watching the Chelsea goals fly in over the last 16 years of not being able to beat them at the Bridge 🙁

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