Not a good sporting


Another loss to Chelsea and another last minute goal conceded that cost points.

One question was answered though, through the commentary on Five Live – what’s the point of Jermaine Jenas ?

The goal apart Jenas has done nothing all game Alan Green

To be fair to the lad that’s what he’s there for Leroy Rosenior

Riiight so the point of Jenas is to do sod all, got it, it’s been bugging me for some while but now I understand. 😕

The next question is who is picking Jenas, Jol didn’t want him but keeps playing him, is he being told to do so ?

And then thanks to Gerrard the ARSE are now just 2 points behind Spurs, then there’s Bolton still with 2 games in hand to make up the 4 point difference. And those relegation threatened banana skins Brum and West Brom coming up in the next couple of games. 🙁

Then there was Sunday and the Stade De France and possibly the worst England performance in living memory.

As the French were racking up the points in the first part of the first half I was thinking a good stuffing here would be just what they need. An embarrassing display could just help and get rid of the likes of Robinson & Hodgson.

There was some cheering when Goode came out for the second half but my god they don’t half make excuses for Hodgson. The forwards being useless somehow excuses Charlie for being consistently crap, they cause him to be unable to kick simple penalties, unable to find touch with kicks from hand and putting tackles in that would make Kenneth Williams look like Jonny Wilkinson.

The guy is inept at this level, always has been and always will be and that cheesy grin when he screws up again is getting very hard to watch, over and over.

A right Charlie.

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  1. Let’s get ready to crumble… 😐

    Fourth is gone, gone, gone… Our run-in is the toughest of the lot, Bolton’s is a bit tricky, Blackburn’s fairly straightforward, and the Vermin’s piss-easy… especially with Terry Henry back on fire…
    JJ’s scoring rate for us has been pretty damn impressive, gut didn’t see the game on Saturday nor his miss (was at brother’s wedding, but secretly keeping mobile on in church – got to 2.40 and I assumed, yes, we’re safe, the match must be over, only for the sudden unhappy vibrate to reveal yet another last-minute cunting…)
    Did find out, though, at the wedding reception, from a News Of The Screws working relative, that Jenas wasn’t in fact the “Player C” in the “they’re not really gay, honest” reports, but a certain wad-wielding Chelsea senior instead. But anyway.

  2. It does have the feeling of a Charlton type end of season drop off.

    Still think Lennon or Murphy would offer far more to the team than Jenas.

    Does this mean I’ll be having lawyers onto the site Ashley Cole style, notice you don’t mention it on yours 😉

  3. Sorry, feel free to moderate into oblivion…
    Though the internet surveys Mr Cole’s lawyers have sent out seem a little odd. Entrapment, perhaps?
    And what if everyone filling them in claims they read nothing linking him to the story online, and the first they knew was when he himself launched legal action against the papers – would Cole have to then sue himself, for outing himself…?
    All very odd…
    But still…
    Jenas has three more goals in him this season, I reckon, which makes him potentially more useful than the no-end-product thousands of other midfielders on our books… Though, true, Lennon looks likely to scare more defenders than most…
    Brum or bust this Saturday – and, to repeat a constant cliche these last few months: if we can’t beat them, we don’t deserve Europe, let alone the tonkings of the Champions League…

  4. No probs, all publicity is good publicity, except of course somehow “outing” yourself to the great football masses.

    Ah but Murphy could have 5 in him along with more assists 😉

    Width is required and Lennon can beat anyone and scare the crap out of them in the process, hopefully the competitive U21 caps will keep him out of the grasp of the Irish Republic. Would like to have seen Routledge given more of a chance as well.

    Brum and WB have disaster written all over ’em 🙁

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