We used laugh at others TV

especially the news.

Flicking through the multitude of crap that passes as TV entertainment yesterday I came across channel 5 “news” at the end of which the presenter told us to make sure and tune in for 5’s next news broadcast when they will be talking to “soul singer” Beverly Knight about her new album and tour with Take That. 😯

Since when is that news ?

Used to stare with amazement at news elsewhere, especially in the US. Half a “news” broadcast is taken up by a glorified advert for a shop because they’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, oh for good old quality British telly.

But we’re pretty much there now the amount of “news items” that are basically just an advert for a program on that channel, along with all the gossip and tat is beyond belief.

Used to be the best telly in the world, dramas, comedy, documentaries, news etc…but now it’s just the same as everywhere else…

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