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haven’t done much of late.

Haven’t been over to Flash’s blog at all for a while, since it’s move the new address, well didn’t want to hear about ARSEnal in the Champions League 😉 🙁

But I should check it out more often or I’d miss out on classic like “Lando Calrissian: From Traitor to Hero to Crack Dealer

Landocalrissan Butler, 25, of Winnikee Avenue, entered a guilty plea Tuesday in Dutchess County Court to attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance, a felony. Butler told Judge Thomas J. Dolan he had five small bags of crack in his pocket Dec. 22 when police arrested him on Morgan Avenue. He said he intended to sell the drugs. Poughkeepsie Journal

😆 😆

Flash has put a bit of thought into this too

The most notable thing about this article is Mr. Butler’s age. Star Wars devotees like Matt Geiger will be quick to note that our suave smuggler crackhead was born between 1980 and 1981, which means that he was named after Calrissian betrayed Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back and before he redeemed himself by blowing up the Death Star in Return of the Jedi … Now, it’s one thing to name your boy Billy Dee but it’s quite another to tag him with then name of one of the most despised characters of a cinematic era Flash

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  1. Bizarre. A few years ago I was leafing through a section of Croydon’s electoral roll for one reason or another (oh, how those days used to fly by…), and noticed one name on the list was a certain “Skywalker, Luke”. I called round to his block of flats but no-one had heard of him. So was it a strange jape by a bored council worker? Had there really been someone living there who changed his name by deed poll in tribute? Or been so named by Star Wars-loving parents? Or merely a fluke?
    For some reason, I never pursued it any further… But if Mr Luke Skywalker of Croydon is reading this, please do get in touch…

  2. I actually saw that the other day, after Nige had been wondering where I’d been.

    Don’t know who is the bigger tard him or those that couldn’t figure out it was him 😉

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