R.I.P. Gene Pitney

who was found yesterday in Cardiff (is that a fate worse than death ?)

An odd one Pitney, never really looked the part in the 60’s and wrote hits for other artists (Ricky Nelson, Bobby Vee, Roy Orbison) while recording hits written by others (Burt Bacharach, Carole King, Randy Newman).

Probably the best thing though was having Andrew Loog Oldham as his publicist which resulted in his involvement with the Rolling Stones, with him giving Keef and Mick advice on writing songs, which help the creation of some classics, along with his maraca playing on the Stones cover of Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away”.

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2 Replies to “R.I.P. Gene Pitney”

  1. Sad news.

    I started my blog earlier this week to chronicle the making of my new rock tribute book to the artists I photographed who have passed. My post on Tuesday listed those I am paying tribute. I noted that I hoped those I shot who were not on the list were healthly and would live forever.

    Sadly, I now have to add Gene Pitney to book.

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