Deja Vu

all over again.

A great start, load of runs, good pitching in the first game then back down to earth with a thud as the Yanks head out of their only trip to Oakland with a 2-1 series loss, after last nights 9-4 defensive debacle.

Many said Damon isn’t a great upgrade from Bernie in centerfield, though his batting certainly is an improvement, don’t know if Bernie’s .154 is just early season blip or an indicator. Can Joe keep him at DH for much longer but there’s the problem with bringing Bernie back this year he’s just too much of a fav for Torre and if he was batting like those 8 straight .300+ years then that would be great but it’s obvious to most it’s been a steep slope down these last few seasons.

Anyway back to the defence, bad jump by Damon, shockingly unusual error by Jeter and more from Cano, still learning but…and it’s game’s over.

Hope the 4.2 innings in which he gave up 7 hits doesn’t rock Wang, looking back to last year he should come through it, I need him to with him being a cheap choice in my fantasy team’s rotation.

Off to LA to play the Angles next, here’s hoping this is where the deja vu ends.

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