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  1. Hmm, how queer… I mean, odd.

    Sorry about that. But he’s not, according to that recent News Of The Screws kiss-and-tell…
    Whatever you may feel about him on the pitch, missed-open-goal and all…!

    Ignoring tonight’s frustration, results seem to be steadfastly going our way in the chase for Uefa Cup at least. Time for our own to go our way too…
    Have a feeling Jol’ll go with Keano and Defoe this Saturday. Just hope the Pearce hairdryer treatment of his players will have eased off, and Dr Tottenham doesn’t come back on his rounds…

  2. As I said no probs, it’s always best to be ranked first for things people are searching for 😉 😀

    I’m torn between wanting them having as many games as possible, with things to take their mind off the league and wanting a so called European giant to actually stand up and give ’em a game and a good pasting.

    Just need ManUre then Pompey to do us a favour.

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