Good start

but that happened last year as well.

Yanks racked up 15 behind against an Oakland A’s side I’ve heard a number of pundits say good things about for this season. But then they did not bad in last years opening game against the reigning WS champions, again behind a good performance by Randy Johnson, and we all know what went on for the rest of April.

Hopefully Damon, Jeter, A-Rod, Sheff, Godzilla should carry on like last night and get one hell of a lot of hits & runs. Looks like the WBC didn’t do the 1st three too bad, especially with A-Rod’s 12th career grand slam and .600 avg, might also have helped get Bernie into the swing of things early.

But it’s still only 1 down 161 to go.

Fun to see the fans reaction to Bonds, hmmm but I still picked him for my fantasy team.

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