Is the Champions League

slipping away ?

What a better time to meet Newcastle, after a string of defeats their best player Parker out with suspected glandular fever, Saturday seemed to fit the bill.

But no, a dismal first half and that 4th place CL spot just seems to be sliding away, christ it’s almost as if Spurs have turned into Charlton.

Thankfully Jol’s playing Lennon but there’s got to be more changes, Davids was a liability against the Toon, I said when they signed him he wasn’t my favourite and I still think he “runs about a bit but doesn’t do much” and Jenas well that attempt on goal sums him up for me, lightweight with no end product. Was it really Newcastle fans booing him ? Cause everyone I know was glad to see the back of him, especially for £8m.

Some better fullbacks would be nice and I used to think Gardner had a good future but the last few games I’ve seem with him makes me think his time has gone.

Now we need ManUre’s help, if they beat the ARSE next week would be a huge help, of course only if Spurs start winning again. ManUre shouldn’t be conned by the ARSE’s CL games like others have been. Why when premiership sides have been shown this season how to beat Whinger’s team do they now run scared ? Never mind what media types have been wanking themselves over in the European games look at the opposition, the worst Madrid side for some time and Juve, bloody hell I’m sure Gretna won’t be shaking in their boots if they get them in next years UEFA cup.

It was good to here Howard Wilkinson give his views on the next England boss 🙄

Non of the foreign candidates bring more to the table than the English choices, yeah because winning a World Cup, taking another team to the final of the Euro Championship can’t match up with winning the League Cup.

And taking small teams to the World Cup, one as far as fourth place, winning Dutch titles, getting to the latter stages of the Champions League does in no way come close to keeping a team in the premiership with some dull play or reaching a UEFA cup spot.

How this clown ever got anywhere near the F.A. is beyond me, one title due to Fergies side chucking it away. Christ some even thought of him for the top job and probably even worse they let him install himself as coach of the under 21s. Inheriting Peter Taylor’s excellent unbeaten side, who hadn’t even conceded a goal, going on to losing 3 out of the 6 games he was in charge of.

I see also the final choice of the England boss could be in the hands of Umbro and MacDonalds as the F.A. are scared if the new boss axes Beckham (which should be their first job in charge) then potential sponsors are going to take their money elsewhere, as Pepsi and Nationwide have already done.

If there’s a way to fuck things up the F.A. don’t half find it.

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