He was Only Twenty Four Hours

from Tulsa.

From Griff Rhys Jones Sunday column –

I was a huge fan of poor Gene Pitney, who has died in Cardiff. I know how he felt. I have died there myself. I have been speculating, though, on where exactly he might have been when he was “Only Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa”.

Tulsa has its own airport. There is a flight that calls there at six in the morning. He would have been able get to Tulsa had he arrived at Chicago by seven the night before. This would allow him to take the flight from Heathrow, and he could have got to that airport, allowing for check-in, by taking an early train about three hours distant. So, would you believe it, Cardiff is precisely 24 hours from Tulsa. He was, in fact, “one day away from your arms” Tulsa, when he expired. We shall miss him. He will never, never, never go home again. Griff Rhys Jones

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