MediaMonkey is playing

and hooked up to

On the recommendation of Rutty I installed MediaMonkey to manage my music. Only added a few discs so far (Stooges, Ramones, New York Dolls & The Stranglers) to my collection of – legit – downloads.

So far the only band to be played and listed at my page is Calexico. Don’t think I’ll get down to see any of the 3 dates on the UK leg of their current tour (April 21st Academy Manchester, April 22nd Academy Bristol & April 23rd Forum London) so I’m giving a couple of their live show downloads a hammering.

Live at China Theater from 2003 and live at The Backyard from 2005 both available from Must get round to downloading the other 2 shows at some point, but those flacs take some time.

And as said hooked up to so expect to see a “Recent Tunes” box added to the sidebar with the upgrade to the site’s design, thanks to a nice plugin.

2 Replies to “MediaMonkey is playing”

  1. I rather like, even if the charts are a bit slow to update sometimes. Bloody good way of finding alternative artists to listen to, plus loads of radio stations too.

    Shame that they’re recommending Oasis to me. Before that it was Dido. Please, no.

    Hope you’re getting on OK with MediaMonkey. You’re obviously a bit of an audiophile using FLAC – how’s the codec situation with that? Sound OK? It works fine with my Oggs and I quite like the interface. Lots of nice functions

  2. What I’ve seen of it’s pretty good, got a nice little WordPress plugin that updates a playlist on the fly.

    Quite like MM as well, it’s good at handling a few hundred files so far. Haven’t ripped anything to flac, just played those Calexico shows and they sound good.

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