Are you one of those morons

who watch these “Quiz Channels” on TV ?

You’re probably the type that rings in to phone polls to register your “don’t know” vote.

Idiots watch and phone in, with probably no hope of winning, cause if they had a clue they wouldn’t be watching it in the first place and the likes of ITV think “christ this is simple, we get a couple of dolts to front it costs us next to nothing and we’ll make bundles off the phone call charges – I know why don’t we bump one of our Freeview channels and put this crap on all day”

Yes I’m ever so slightly narked at switching on Men & Motors last night for my weekly fix of the old “Auf Wiedersehen Pet” (series two – lads are just about to head to Spain) to find that in their wisdom that ITV have decided to use that Freeview slot for a crappy quiz channel.

If it wasn’t for “Auf Wiedersehen Pet”, “Homicide:Life on The Streets” (on ITV4 when they can bother) the odd Minder & Sweeny (i.e. old stuff) and the football I don’t think I’d ever watch anything run by those individuals at ITV who are helping to drag British telly down to the lowest common denominator.

There is a petition online about it

4 Replies to “Are you one of those morons”

  1. And why would you be watching those, where if you’re going to forsake actual quality late-night TV entirely, you’d switch to the bemusingly high number of channels offering two bored pin-up girls trying to feign interest in the desperate text messages of men who really aren’t best advised actually advertising their sadness on a television channel watched by, hmm, at least three whole people at a time…
    Very odd. But thanks for reminding me: I really must steal my dad’s Auf Wiedersehen Pet videos the next time I’m home… First season is unbeatable, really, but the rest are good enough too – even the recent ones…

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