96% of fans don’t want McClaren

as the next England boss.

According to a BBC FiveLive poll only 4% want the current favourite Steve McClaren.

You have to wonder if those 4% are ‘Boro fans who want to get rid. Sick and tired of the insipid displays such as that against Villa resulting in the one guy throwing his season ticket at the manager that seriously out number any good games.

Yeah Boro have got what seems to be a good youth set up after which though the players appear to stagnate, Downing looked the business when he broke into the first team, been treading water since (should have come to Spurs :wink:).

And watching McClaren’s side in Europe is more often than not a chore, thank god I only caught a bit of it last night but even in those few minutes I don’t think I’ve seen as much square or back passes since Butch Wilkins retired.

Of course the F.A. have already blown it with their drawn out auditions by narking off Hiddink resulting in him going off to be the Russia boss who just happen to be in England’s Euro 2008 qualifying group.

Posted this up on a BBC page asking for opinions, somehow doubt it’ll be posted 😀

Big Sam – as much as I like to see Arsenal get beaten up by Bolton I don’t want England playing the Bolton way and if he can’t take the “ugly” comments from Alan Green he can’t handle the England job.

Curbishley – looks befuddled far too much, keeping a small team from being relegated has nothing to do with international management.

McClaren – all through the insipid displays, when they wanted Churchill and got Duncan-Smith there was Steve slowly turning the colour of Fergies nose standing next to Sven. Do we really want this grinning buffoon in the job to be the yes man and make sure Beckham stays captain ?

Peter Taylor – knows all the players from their U21 days but should he be removed from that post so the FA can install another muppet like Wilkinson to overlook our future.

Martin O’Neill – he likes the like of Neil Lennon, Robbie Savage & Fatty Hartson a bit too much for my liking.

Scolari’s track record along with the fact he’s not scared to make the big choices, like drop Beckham (we can’t have sponsors telling the England boss who should be in the team) means out those above he’s the only one out of this lot. But of course he’s a foreigner so less fans want him than McClaren according to that poll but he’s up to 29% at an online poll at the BBC.

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  1. Something seriously wrong about the idea of McClaren as England boss. But then polls are notoriously dodgy – seem to recall Allardyce being touted as a fans favourite, and his appointment would be almost as much of a disaster as McClaren.

    It’s gotta be Big Phil … If we need a change from Ericsson, then Phil is the man – supremely well credentialed, tactically astute and you’re right about the big decisions: remember Figo being substituted against England? Portugal went through thanks, in part, to his replacement Postiga… imagine Ericsson subbing Beckham for, say, Wright-Phillips when the game needs turning around?

  2. Thoght u might like to change the subject slightly…

    22.04.06 - Spurs last play at Highbury - final score 1-1…

    Is this a touch of French Sour Grapes…?

    Has Arsène Wengar’s bon vivre in Angleterre been having a bad season?

    The sun has not been shining on his crop this year; in fact it’s been decidedly cloudy with occasional hail and plenty of frost over the Arsène crop, Strong winds blowing through his vineyard side have left Arsène’s 05/06 harvest slightly bruised throughout the season causing Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas and Emmanuel Eboue to remain on the bench for most of this one…

    At Tottenham, on the other hand, they are producing a crop of new world fruit that looks in line to take the prix d’Or next season. And Michael Carrick is the New Shiraz - Full bodied, strong with a lasting after taste – Thank you Michael. In fact, I’d say that he’s probably a new variety spurned from the crop of the early sixties; go-on my son…!

    As I saw it, two of the gunners had noticed [Duhh] Michael Carrick dashing through on the left with Edgar Davids giving it feet in front. Never missing an opportunity, ‘lightening’ Robbie Keane whizzed down the middle. At this point, remembering Arsènes tactical speech, Gilberto and Eboue made a pincer movement to cut Carrick off, but Carrick with his Gazelle like movement danced out of harms way, and the two thickheads crashed into each like a couple of second division players trying to cope with a Chelsea attack.

    This IS, Roy of the Rovers stuff…!

    Of course Michael Carrick didn’t see it; he was already celebrating Job done. …and they say that Lightening doesn’t strike twice…!

    Arsenal has lacked style and strength this season without Henry always in the front line…!

    Perhaps, at the end of the day, Thierry Henry has actually handed in his cards on the grounds that he is not getting any younger, and may not get the opportunities in a year or two’s time to aspire to another great European or International side…? And Ahhh bless, Arsène Wengar knows that without Monsieur Henry, he’s either got to spend a huge sum of money - which they probably ain’t got at the moment - to replace this World number one super star or sit back and wait for retirement in the middle numbers of the premier league…! Not a wonder then that he appeared a bit short tempered with the new star on the block - Martin Jol…!

    Arsène Wengar’s unblemished record is now besmirched and nothing short of a public apology to Martin Jol can correct this…

    ‘C’mon you Spu’rrs

    Ian Cawley

    Otherwise known as - Lou_Gascon

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