You have to play to the


Martin Jol gives some back to the scumbag ARSEne Whinger

And when two players on the same side run into each other, the ref asks if they’re OK, one gets up and rejoins play while the other rolls around feigning injury (I don’t seem to remember him being substituted because of this) to stop and opposition attack there’s no need for the whistle to be blown. Described more eloquently by Lou/Ian.

But of course that’s not how Whinging Wenger saw it…yes amazingly he actually saw an incident near the half way line…nah this was the ‘orrible cheating lying British/Dutch, a disgrace to the game.:roll:

Martin Jol of course had a more rounded honest, intelligent view on the incident and the one all draw in the last North London derby at the Library.

The problem is ARSEne refs, players and fans have seen far too much of this kind of incident from your scummy little team in the past to believe any ARSEnal player is injured – prosecution exhibit one m’lud – we also saw the scummy side to them when Pires & Lehmann confronted Davids which Pires then followed up with an assault on Defoe.

There was also no mention from ARSEne that Spurs fullback Stalteri was fouled and left on the floor by Adebayor during the build up to the equaliser, funny that he mustn’t have seen the incident. Again though a Spurs player muscled off the ball resulting in a goal and dropped points, two new ones are required for European football next season.

So he squares up to Martin Jol during the game, wouldn’t you like to see them go at it with no 4th official, has an altercation with Davids in the tunnel then bandies words like cheat and lying about but of course there’ll be no dispute charges for him or his players. How many months would Neil Warnock be banished from the dugout ? How many matches suspended would other players get ?

Anyway all said and done the Spurs goal shouldn’t have mattered, they should have finished the game off before that, as much as I laughed when Defoe smacked Lehmann in the phizog with the ball I’d have preferred a goal. These last few games have seen the best of Martin’s kids with Carrick & Lennon being outstanding, both playing for an England spot and both looking the part. Carrick must feel since Ledley’s injury he is in prime position to take that holding place and Lennon must have seen the lack of first team action Wright-Phillips is getting has increased his chances.

Yup remember when old Monty Burns…err ARSEne said he couldn’t buy British player, they are too expensive – Robinson, Carrick, Lennon & Defoe and you’d still get change from Reyes. I know which I’d rather have.

One of these days though all the chances are going to go in, someone is going to be on the end of a real pasting, let’s hope it’s Bolton cause that 4th spot has to be maintained and of course Charlton had to play Bolton back into form after their recent slump and you don’t know what you’ll get from West Ham in the last game of the season. Will they be distracted by the cup final, knowing that it’s got them European football next season so there’s no need to worry about league position or will they be playing for their places ?

Oh and don’t shed too many tears for the departure of Alan Shearer, he should have gone years ago but there was that record to break.

Think Lynne Truss said it best…

Here are the regular questions I would ask, out loud, in exasperation, at England matches during this period: How does he get away with it? Why is he walking? Why doesn’t anyone notice that he raised his arm to appeal for that penalty before he artfully tripped over the keeper? Why doesn’t he run? Why is he never rested? Why is he never substituted? Would you call that strolling or ambling? Why is he never sent off? Why is he never even booked? Who died and made him God? Lynne Truss

Now if a woman who has only been into the game for a decade can see it 😉

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  1. Aidan has dug up an old report from the 2003 FA Cup semi when ARSEnal put out Sheffield Utd, to highlight certain hypocrisies.

    United were unfortunate in the build-up as Arsenal defender Sol Campbell fouled forward Wayne Allison, but referee Graham Poll allowed play to continue and then collided with United’s Michael Tonge, allowing the Londoners to break forward.

    “If the referee doesn’t give a free kick it’s normal to carry on.” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said. “With regard to the collision with Tonge, what can you reproach there? Do people think the referee did it on purpose?” The Rainbow Connection

    And this classic pic

  2. Whinger is cracking up, pure and simple.
    His comments and behaviour were just extraordinary.
    Gutting to only draw, especially since we took the lead and I keep thinking “what-if-what-if” over and over…
    But we’ve tonked them twice this season without somehow winning in the end, it’s a move in the right direction and hopefully next season, once Ledley’s fit again, we’ll actually beat the Vermin in between denying Ronaldinho, Messi and Henry even a sniff of the ball in our Champions League clashes with Barca…
    Easy to forget what a great achievement coasting to confirmed European football has been, but suspect there’s a few more twists left in the Champions League chase…
    All these injuries piling up don’t help. But keep playing like we have been, creating chances so fluently, and someone’s going to get a hammering… Hopefully Bolton.
    And, indeed, the Hammers…
    Though I’d like to think Teddy would rather score an own goal on the final day itself, than have the Vermin succeed… Here’s hoping.

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