Version 3.0

of Toxic Web was “launched” the other day.

Actually it kind of sneaked in when I had a minute to spare, if you’ve been here before you may need to Ctrl+F5 to completely refresh the site from the one in your cache.

Basic changes are the main column is wider, was a bit sick of the videos from “You Tube” not fitting, the main menus should be more flicker free in IE than they were previously – the arrows shouldn’t take so long to show up now. The sites CSS was cleaned up and streamlined a bit more than in v2.x, didn’t know if anyone really used the menu switcher to position things on the opposite side but decided to keep it.

Gravatars now show up against comments posted, links for sociable bookmarking are on each post and subscribe links for various services have been added to the sidebar.

Recent Tunes plugin is linked up to to show what I’m currently listening to in the sidebar again, if anyone is remotely interested.

Oh and there’s some Google ads about…hey it’s worth a go 😉

Nearly forgot the standard (round) smilies/emoticons have also been replaced with skulls, just seemed to fit. 😆

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