My dad was in the Mob

I found out the other day.

And the government made him join…

Was reading a preview of Channel 4’s mini-season of Mafia in the media programmes, when the writer said during an interview with Al Pacino that he was in the Mob and then told the astonished Pacino the government made him join when he was 18.

Yup it’s another case of two nations separated by a common language, you know fag, bum, fanny, suspenders etc.

I’d never given it much of a thought when I’d heard the word demobbed to describe being discharged from the services but they were mobilised into the services and demobbed out and so became known as “the mob”. Which at the age of 18 my dad was made to do.

The two shows so far, one about GoodFella Henry Hill and the making of “The Godfather” have been not bad. Henry Hill is still trying to be a “Wiseguy” as he has done since ratting on the mob nearly 3 decades ago, still getting in trouble and still probably unconcerned with the outcome and it’s effects on those around him as so effectively told by his son and daughter, Gregg & Gina, in their book “On The Run“.

Was funny when one minute Hill has a mouth full of tombstones and the next he’s got that toothless gummy old man thing going.

Would be good if C4 had shown some of the films as well, especially GoodFellas, but a repeat of The Sporanos is a good substitute.

Speaking of which it did come as shock to me when a good friend casually mentioned he has no real contact with one side of his family cause they’re somewhat “connected”, suppose I should have figured along the stereotypical lines he was from Joisey and his name ends with a vowel, I don’t know you stand next to a guy for months on end then he tells you that. Fuggedaboutit 😎

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  1. I sadly missed most of last week’s shows, but saw the Henry Hill one – which was amusing, as are his books – he just doesn’t learn, does he…
    Goodfellas is one of those films I had blissfully watch again and again and again, dipping in at any point, and never being bored… Superb.

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