Have the F.A. actually gone and done

the right thing ?

F.A. chief exec Brian Barwick is out in Portugal trying to agree a deal with Luiz Felipe Scolari for him to be the next England boss.

It looks like David Dein has talked them round, only down side to this will be his smug phizog, or is it the uninspiring bunch of English mangers put in front of them for selection. With it looking like Peter Taylor wasn’t even considered the rest didn’t leave you with sense of confidence.

Of course the usual suspects are whinging that it should have gone to an Englishmen. You think Bryan Robson might think he could get the job ? 🙄

OK it may go tits up, may not work at all but from the candidates on offer, after Hiddink was lost, he was by far the best choice for the job and at least he won’t be trying to put England out of a tournament for a change.

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